About Us


The ‘client is king’ principle is elemental!
By listening to a client’s expectations, by looking at his or her obstacles together, and by analysing his or her growth expectations together, we try to provide the client with proper, personalised advice to take him or her to the next level.
Our objective: analysing the past and the present to forecast the future. It is our job to ensure that the client reaches his or her own goal, or does even better.
We feel it’s only common sense to give the client a WOW feeling because a happy client tells others and could potentially bring in new clients…

Mission Statement

It is our mission to assist, coordinate and encourage business people in the continued development of their professional dreams.
We don’t want to be just any old accounting firm.
We try to set ourselves apart from our colleagues by proactively brainstorming with our clients as much as possible. We don’t want to just go over the bare figures and submit these to our clients; we want to brainstorm on the growth process and work TOGETHER towards improvement, progress, and breakthroughs. In short, we want to create positive evolution!
In other words, we try to give our clients the right tips and tricks that they need to be precisely that little bit better than the competition.

Vincent Neslany

André Sirejacob and Vincent Neslany crossed paths in 1991, when Mr Neslany was working as a clerk in the former’s offices. This original partnership lasted around five years.
In 1995, Vincent Neslany moved to Brussels to become a senior partner in an international accounting firm, heading a multi-lingual team for several years. It soon became apparent that the sky was the limit… The interest in establishing his own tax firm was more than present thanks to the experience with both tax and VAT matters for both Belgian companies (SMEs and large enterprises) and international groups.